• META is undervalued regardless of the Metaverse results. Value Investing provides the right tools to understand why the company is a great occasion.
  • META’s sustainable earnings come up with at least 30% to 35% upside potential.
  • Setting apart the metaverse narrative and understanding the earnings power value of META gives us an unobstructed perspective to consider for the valuation.
  • There is a free option to the incredible upside if the metaverse would even just partially work, as we haven’t included its potential in the valuation.
  • There is a huge margin of safety at the current price, and multiple should expand from now forward.
Meta European head officeDerick Hudson

By Antonio Velardo

Investment Thesis

Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ:META) is one of the most beaten-up stories among the FAANG, the storytelling around the Metaverse has failed to be understood by the market, and a great deal of pessimism

Asset Value Calculation

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